Friday, February 11, 2011

Pink and Brown Booties Cake

Here's a cake that has been a favorite of a few of my friends. I made this for my god-daughter's baptism. Her parents used pink and brown in their invitation. I love this color combination. So, I jumped at the opportunity to be able to make a cake for my special girl.

I already posted the tutorial for the fondant booties (here) and the fondant bow (here). This cake can have so many other looks to make it your own. But here's how I made each element.





Cake Cover. Kneaded and rolled out White Rolled Fondant Icing and covered the 6 in. cake. Kneaded the Chocolate Marshmallow Fondant and rolled it out to cover the 4 in. cake.

Pink Ribbons. Kneaded the White Rolled Fondant Icing and colored it pink using the Pink Icing Color. Rolled it out and used the ruler and pizza cutter to make eight (8) 1-inch ribbons 6 in. cake. I, simply, adjusted the length of the ribbon as I place on the cake as shown.

Brown Border. Rolled the Chocolate MMF into a rope and placed around the cake.

Flowers. Rolled out remaining brown MMF and used the tip of the decorating tip #5 to cut out the 14 brown. Rolled the remaining pink fondant used for the ribbons and cut 13 small flowers.  Rolled out White Rolled Fondant Icing.  Cut 9 medium and 1 small flower using the Cut-outs. I brushed a little bit of water to attach the brown dots (14) to the small flowers (13 pink & 1 white). Then used 9 of the assembled pink flowers to attached to the medium white flowers. I placed 8 of the assembled white flowers at the end of each ribbon on the bottom tier covering the brown border. You will have an extra white medium flower, 4 small pink flowers and 1 small white flower remaining. Save for later.

White Scalloped Top Border. Rolled out White Rolled Fondant Icing and used #3 of FMM Straight Frill Cutter Set 1 to make the white border for the brown 4 in. cake. Stacked the 4-in cake on top of the white bottom tier. I just used straws instead of dowels to support the top tier.

Pink Bow. Kneaded a little bit of Gum-Tex on the Pink fondant, rolled it out and used it to make a 2-in wide bow. You can find instructions on how to make the Fondant Bow here. I used a little bit of water to attach the bow on the front of the cake (sitting on the bottom tier).

Fondant Booties and Stemmed Flowers. Placed the booties and stemmed flowers I made in advance on top of the cake.

Finishing touches. Placed the flowers I made earlier in front and back of the booties.

Here's the back view of the cake.

You may be interested in reading the Fondant for Beginners series:


  1. Ce blog est magnifique! Bisous

  2. Hi Karen.......your blog is simply superb. The cake looks awesome. I have a question for you.
    The post says that you made the pink booties 4 days before the party, how do you store it?

  3. Hi Uma, I made the the fondant 4 days in advance. Just wrapped it plastic food wrap. I made the booties 2 days in advance. I just placed it on one of my Tupperware lined with wax paper. It dries hard and usually not eaten. It could last for years.


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