Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fondant Baby Converse Shoes

This is my finale cake for my Wilton Class. I made Fondant Baby Converse shoes as a topper and gave this cake to my husband's coworker for her son's baptism.

My first encounter with a fondant cake was in a baby shower where the mother-to-be brought this beautiful cake with Pink Converse Shoes as topper. I've been thinking about it ever since and hoped to make something like it someday.

Here's the fruit of my research. I found the template from cakecentral. Thanks to stellarchild for sharing this.

right-click to save template.

I tried to make it without even reading instructions. I used some leftover marshmallow fondant I had. But it gave me such a terrible time that I got frustrated and gave up and even trashed the whole thing.

Then I came across this video on YouTube by Mayen of Way Beyond Cakes. She used gumpaste on the video. I bought Gum-Tex from Michael's and just added a little bit of that to my fondant to turn it into gumpaste. It made my fondant so much easier to work with and also dried faster.

Have fun with it and use different colors. This converse shoes will be a great topper for cakes in these occasions:
  • Baby Shower
  • Baptism
  • First Birthday
 Here's the video.

You may be interested in reading the Fondant for Beginners series:


  1. Those are sooo cute!

  2. Can you please tell me how much Gum-Tex powder did u add to your MM fondant

  3. Hi, what kind of letter cutter did you used for this cake? I liked the shape and size.

    And speaking of the shoes I've done a few, they were very pretty. thanks for the tips

  4. Hi. I just used a letter stencil I bought from Wal-mart and used an x-acto knife to cut.

  5. Hi Karen, I saved your template but it came out too small. It comes out too small and I also printed it from cake central and it was also too small. Would you be able to send me yours? My email address is Thank you I want to make it for my nephew next month. Thanks Angie Saucedo.

  6. Hi, these are so cute. Can you please send me the template. My email address is Thank you

  7. Thank you, I am new to fondant work and printed this template out and made a dinky one. I loved doing it thank you.

  8. hi can you please send me the template to my email its thank you. also how come there isn't number 7 or 8? i'm new to this so sorry if its a dumb question

    1. Hi, 7 and 8 would be the shoe laces which pretty much something you would estimate. Here's the link to where I got the template and more instructions from the one who made it. I hope it helps.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. brilliant, ty for shareing will have a go at them

  11. Hi everyone, if it comes out too small, please adjust your printer setting to print at 150%. That should help.


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