Sunday, August 15, 2010

Decorating Basics: Wilton Method Course

I did a couple of cakes before I finally enrolled myself in a cake decorating class. Last April, I took Wilton Course 1: Discover Cake Decorating at our local Michael's store. The class cost $45 but they had a  50% off promo so I ended up just paying $22.50. We met once a week for 4 weeks.

I know Wilton recently revised the courses effective June 2010. They've removed the course numbering system that confused people into thinking they have to take the courses in sequence. And also removed duplicate topics between courses. But looking at the curriculum they posted online, it looks like the old Course 1 is so much like the new Decorating Basics class.

Here's what you should expect for the new class - DECORATING BASICS and links to the Wilton website of the How-tos.

My Class cake using PGTM
Week 1: You will learn...

Week 2:  You will be asked to bake a cake and make icing at home to bring to the class. You will...
Week 3: You will be asked to bring six (6) cupcakes. This is jampacked and can really get stressful during class especially if you didn't practice at home. You will learn...
Week 4: The class and your final cake! You will need to bring an already iced cake for class and flowers to complete your final project. This will look like the Wilton Vivid Violet Roses Cake. You will learn...
There will be times that you will feel frustrated and stressed in class. Just relax. We are all beginners and any mistakes we make are edible mistakes. Try to have the most fun that you can have.

I hope this summary and links help you to be better prepared in class if you are about to take it; help you review if you have already taken it; or for self-teaching. But, I highly recommend taking at least this class if you are serious about embarking in the cake decorating world.

Happy caking!

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  1. Thank you! Now I know what to expect since I am taking this class very soon! I am SO excited! :D


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