Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cricut Cake® Personal Electronic Cutter

I'm totally excited about my newest cake decorating toy that posting about it on Facebook is just not enough. If you have been baking and caking for a little bit, then you've probably heard of the Cricut Cake® Personal Electronic Cutter. I got this baby for just $49.95! I have been wanting to get this machine since it came out last year but the $400+ price tag was just too much. Thanks to a Facebook post by Peggy Does Cake, I found out that had it on sale.

I was skeptical and thought it was a little too good to be true. But I didn't want to pass up a really good bargain and thought that $50 could be a really good gamble if I decide to take the risk. And so, I did. I ordered it right away - no sales tax, free shipping...what are you waiting for? Hello? Anyway, I did add $1.20 shipping insurance to it. So, it came up to $51.15 total. Six (6) days later it was sitting on our doorstep, thanks to FedEx.

I have never used a Cricut® machine before but I have been watching YouTube to learn more about it and I can't wait for my next cake project to use this on. Here's one of the videos I've watched. 

I've accumulated quite a few cookie cutters and the FMM Tappits for my cake decorating that if I add them up, it probably cost me more than this machine. Cookie cutters are limited to their size and if you want fancy looking fonts then you need to have a steady hand a really sharp X-acto knife. Whereas here, you can adjust their available images and fonts to any size.

If you already have another Cricut® Machine, all their cartridges works with Cricut® Cake as well. And I've read how some people use their cake machine to cut scrapbook paper by using a different blade and mat for their crafts.

I am not sure how long the sale will last but if you miss it, Amazon is selling it for a good price as well. 


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