Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Clown Cake Topper

I know, I know it's been two months since I last posted something. My computer needs some kind of exorcism. It's possessed!

Anyway, here's a cake I did last year. It was a very hot August day that for some reason my fondant wouldn't stay flat on my cake. Air got inside and the sides of my cake raised a little bit. I still haven't figured out why. Maybe you guys can help me shed some light into this. It has never happened again, so...crazy, crazy phenomenon.

I just want to share how I made the Clown Toppers. The cake was for a double birthday party (a boy and girl) with a Circus theme. It's very easy and you can modify it a little bit to customize your topper according to your theme.


  • Rolled each of the first two (2) Rice Krispies Treats (RKT) into a ball to make the bodies. Then, took off a little bit of the remaining RKTs to form into smaller balls for the heads.
  • Bodies. Tinted enough White Fondant with Green Icing Color. Rolled it to about 1/8 inch thin then wrapped the RKT ball body.  This was the boy's body. Repeated the step using a little bit of the Red Icing Color to get a pink colored fondant to wrap the girl's body.
  • Heads. Tinted a little bit (enough to cover the two heads) of the White Fondant with Copper Icing Color to get a skin tone. Rolled it to about 1/8 inch think then wrapped the RKT ball heads..
  • Collar. Tinted some fondant with yellow and red. Rolled it and cut a 5 x 1/2 inch strip. I used my Fondant Ribbon Cutter and Embosser set to give the strips the zigzag (boy's) and wavy (girl's) edge. I brushed a little bit of water on top of the bodies before I placed the collar around. Then used toothpicks to attach the heads.
  • Faces. Rolled small for balls for eyes (black), nose (red) and cheeks (white). I flattened the balls for the eyes and cheeks. And used the FoodWriter to draw the mouths (red for the girl and black for the boy).
  • Hair. I just use the FoodWriter to draw the hair.
  • Girl's Bow. I used two tiny triangles and flattened a small bow to form the bow.
  • Arms. Rolled 3/4 x 1/2 inch logs in colors matching the bodies for the arms. I halved a toothpick and used it to attach the arms with a brush of a little bit of water, too.
  • Gloves. Flattened 1/2 inch white fondant balls. Then used a small knife to cut slits for fingers. Again, used a brush of water to attach the gloves to the arms.
  • Polka Dots. Used the narrow end of tip 12 to cut dots (match the collars). Placed the dots all over the body.
  • Shoes. Shaped 3/4 inch balls (match the dots and collars) for the shoes. Then a dab of water to attach it to the body.


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